Benefits of StatsDirect

StatsDirect is much easier to use than most statistical software

Exceptionally Easy to Use

statistical guide helps you to
write scientific reports from results

smart interface helps you to
understand and learn Statistics
StatsDirect uses advanced computational statistical methods

Technically Advanced

state-of-the-art methods and algorithms
e.g. for exact confidence intervals

automatic updates add new functions
as methodology advances
StatsDirect offers comprehensive coverage of common statistical methods


broad coverage of methods

biomedical and public health focus
with (clinical) epidemiology support

used in many fields, e.g. social science;
market research; and teaching statistics
StatsDirect is affordable


affordable license fees with future
upgrades and updates included

discounts for students and
flexible licensing for educators

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Free 10 day trial of StatsDirect
Buy a StatsDirect license on-line for instant use

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Academic or charity-funded services

Commercial and other non-academic

Students and low-income countries

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