Why use StatsDirect?

Free, quick and easy to learn

Reliable: established over 30 years

Supports your statistical knowledge as you analyse data


StatsDirect Benefits

Easy to use

Spreadsheet and menu-driven interface for data analysis.

Statistical guide to help you interpret results.

No coding language to learn but can incorporate R for advanced users.


State-of-the-art algorithms, e.g. for exact confidence intervals.

Algorithms updated as methodology advances.

Developed since 1987 to improve biostatistical appreciation and practise.


Broad coverage of methods with a biomedical and public health focus.

Used in other fields, including social science, market research.

Used used on biostatistics teaching courses.


StatsDirect Ltd and The University of Liverpool, with Leap of Faith Venture's support, are pleased to provide this resource free of charge to enhance biostatistical learning and practise.